NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV



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    NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    01 Punch
    02 NonStop
    03 서곡 (序曲; Prelude)
    04 영웅 (英雄; Kick It)
    05 꿈 (Boom)
    06 낮잠 (Pandora's Box)
    07 Day Dream (白日夢)
    08 너의 하루 (Make Your Day)
    09 Interlude: Neo Zone
    10 뿔 (MAD DOG)
    11 Sit Down!
    12 메아리 (Love Me Now)
    13 우산 (Love Song)
    14 백야 (White Night)
    15 Not Alone
    16 Dreams Come True
    17 Elevator (127F)
    NCT 127 Official
    #NCT127 #Punch #NeoZone_TheFinalRound
    NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Punch' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    3. The Dream

      이해찬 사랑해요 💚🌞

    4. The Dream

      Wow~~ 너무 멋있어요 😭💚💚💚

      1. yay

        N0 em0jis,please

    5. Mercela Grande

      Happy late birthday Taeyong ( sorry if I'm late) Stay healthy Stay happy Stay safe I love you * green heart * Keep str3aming NCTZEN

    6. Yukuri Lee

      lee taeyong is the type of boyfriend everyone wants

      1. Tyong Gie

        But will never be yours/ours crying emoji

    7. Sharon Abigail

      lama banget naiknya:((

      1. yay


    8. Blue Pigeon

      Vote on idol champ plzzzz guys we need to win. It will be really helpful for increasing our vi*ws.

    9. Hei Ran

      Bingung mau k0mn apa, jadi k0mn quotes aja daritadi hahahaha

    10. omaya bless me achoo is LIT

      don't $kip 4ds

    11. killaaa valenzia

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      1. omaya bless me achoo is LIT


    12. Hei Ran

      Woee liat kutipan ini keinget kak doy lagi hahahaha "sudah? sudah berhasil belum melupakan seseorang yang bahkan nggak Pernah menganggapmu ada ?" -Rintik Sedu Sakid.

    13. Regar Sirrgar

      Gaes, vote Idol champ MV promotion cuma beda tipis ama yg no 1, cuma 0,41% ayookk kt kejarrrrrr

    14. Regar Sirrgar

      Guys, v0te on idol champ mv promotion the gap with 1st place only 0,41%.....

    15. zalvione

      wait why jungwoo looks like suho here-

    16. ga akan oleng dari haechan

      ini pada kemanaaa? :">

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    17. ananda mars

      fighting to 20M!!! we cannn

      1. Mercela Grande


    18. omaya bless me achoo is LIT

      》idolchamp《 u can earn hearts by taking quizzes, here's a tip: scroll through the comments in nct 127's community, there are comments there that revealed the answers. !!!! u can check also @onlyquizanswers on twitter : ) !!!

    19. Heavenly Blush

      mark: we're the future and we are dreamers also mark: yes, super m and nct dream

    20. 森云 -- Moriyun

      when will sm give ty a shirt

    21. omaya bless me achoo is LIT

      i can't even tweet this (abt str34ming) bcs ykn what goin' on there. so whoever can spread abt this in private you must take the opportunity.

    22. 비또ᄏ

      Guys go to idolchamp and v0te for punch on mv promotion bcs that will help us increase the v1ews faster

    23. Lnyyy Woo

      Johnny you have ur members and u have is stay strong

    24. Lnyyy Woo

      Johnny suh best boy

    25. adinda Ayu

      lets reach 20M !i!i!i!

    26. Forever Support NCT

      Are you watching MV ?

      1. Angeline Elguero


      2. en ci ty

        Of course

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      5. injeuniee _


    27. Polaris27

      Shout out to all CZENNIES! We need mass vote on IDOLCHAMP MV Promo!! We are very closed to 1st place! less than 0.45 percent! This could possibly boost up MV v13ws if we wins!!!! ONLY takes less than a minute! Thank you All!!!! Ends: June 2nd - 6PM KST (In less than 3 hours) Benefit: - 1Million impressions of promotion banner in Ichamp app - MV Promotion on 120K computers launch screen in 1650 internet cafes in Korea

    28. Z A T E

      oh baby it's youuuu

    29. Selima Aileen Agustina


    30. Forever Support NCT

      We fight together

    31. Hei Ran

      "In this vast universe, in a consistent time system, we breathe in the same air. We are all special and important. You all will always be shining and hot because of your high spirits" -Taeyong

    32. TY Track bubu

      johnny i luv youu ~~~ ^^

    33. TY Track bubu

      to our johnny , if you read this , don't hear about the 1737829109 people saying cus i know u are strong . u have ur members and the most important is u have us sijeuni . be strong okay ;)

      1. TY Track bubu

        @Blue Pigeon i think it's about blacklive , i dun know but john have been bullied in twitter rn so i decided to give encourage words under comment section .

      2. Angeline Elguero

        Yeah what happened?? I saw the notification that he posted on Instagram but I’m streaming so I haven’t seen it

      3. Blue Pigeon

        Can you tell me what happened?

    34. irene j.

      Johnny we love youuu

    35. Ai Hunhan

      Naiknya too slow padahal udah bolak balik liat mv ini

    36. María Lugo

      Ok NCTzen, only 3M more...we need to reach 20M!

      1. grasiosa christien

        Fightinggg nctzen!!

    37. ainun anggraini

      Hey we ballin

    38. ÜMİT KILIÇ

      Akşam yorum atıyorum ama Yt göndermiyor

    39. Indah Br Sitompul

      Guys semangat dong

    40. Aldiemas 22

      Mark Lee best boy

    41. Yukuri Lee

      FIGHTING NCTZEN let's move on

    42. Yukuri Lee

      nakamoto yuta the boyfriend they all want

    43. john's banana choked me. help

      17, 106, 745 M as of 15.06 KST

    44. Kay DKM

      อร้ายยยฟังไปเรื่อยๆติดเฉย เพลงนี้คือกราวใจมากไม่ไหวววว

    45. ot 21

      johnny suh best boy

    46. chris tene

      fighting Czennies

    47. hanna ooh

      Berat banget Comeback ini, tolong Str3am butuh 3 M lagi. Beberapa orang sedang sibuk dengan masalah yg terjadi. Saya harap injeuni tidak melupakan ini, supaya bisa cepet dapet 20 M.

    48. Heavenly Blush

      kau menghapuskan setiap luka

      1. silv pwark

        mengingatkanku tentang mimpi terpendam~

    49. Hei Ran

      Kutipan bung yang ini mewakili aku bgt supaya bisa liat kak doy terus hahahahah lol Memantau pergerakanmu adalah salah satu alasan saya beli paket data, biarpun saya tidak pernah menjadi alasanmu isi kuota -Fiersa Besari

    50. Pacar Jaehyun

      _nAnAnAnAnA LoNjWiN~_

      1. silv pwark


    51. Gem

      Advice to new NCT listeners: Listen on headphones,earphones or on high quality speakers The experience becomes 127x better and you get to listen to sounds that you cant hear with normal laptop/cellphone speakers can pick up

      1. Aldiemas 22


    52. mWOhAsEyo??

      Mark: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SuperM Haechan: NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM *The true overworked couple*

    53. Heavenly Blush

      you better come here now

    54. T A E Y O N G


      1. Aldiemas 22


    55. T A E Y O N G


    56. T A E Y O N G


    57. T A E Y O N G

      They really do magic

    58. Chubby Chubby

      Semangat yaa,, ouia jangan lupah download apk mubeat trus kumpulin hearts yaa supaya kalau buka voting lagi kita bisa v0t3 nct

    59. T A E Y O N G


    60. T A E Y O N G


    61. T A E Y O N G

      nct: masters of the visual

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    63. T A E Y O N G

      I love it

    64. T A E Y O N G

      This is perfect

    65. T A E Y O N G

      NCT 127 It's success

    66. T A E Y O N G


    67. T A E Y O N G

      Too perfect

    68. ratunayla

      demi apaan yt lama bgt naiknya hey

    69. Dreamies is a precious

      Finally its 17, 103.... (T~T)

    70. h h

      For SM ....motorcycle jackets > any other types of clothes

    71. So Rim Gyeol

      Rüyamda yine yorumlarda bir yabancı ile kavga ediyordum. Rüyamda ne işiniz var sizin ..

    72. alys lyy

      sijeuni who here have many followers on instagram or any apps , we must do something like streaming party viral it to others sijeuni dont worry there must many sijeuni support it, we can't continue like this, lets wake up sijeuni lets make others sijeuni aware of this , i know we can’t be greedy with that victory but as long as this promotion not end we cant give up too, i know this song almost reach his 2 weeks comeback but isn’t too late to make it hit back , if we do it together nothing imposibble , please someone start something- *lets do it NCTZEN* grean heart -

    73. lny na

      Johnny I love u you are amazing

      1. Lnyyy Woo

        Johnny best boy thank u for speaking

    74. lny na

      17 500 ... today let`s do it

    75. Anisa Cahya

      i lovvvvvvvvvveeeee you guys

    76. aleya syazwana

      hey we ballin :)

    77. Anisa Cahya

      bissmillahirahman nirohim, assalamualaikum wr wrb yaallah semoga kalian sukses terus ya ni dapet salam dari aku n teman2 ku doain aku ya guys semoga bisa masuk ke univ yang aku inginkan aamiin much love from indo

      1. Ai Hunhan


    78. Lizbeth Rubio

      I want to see our *NCT* with baseball uniforms, so Im str3aming like a crazy for that, k3ep str3aming *NCTzen* , please. *Hey* *We* *Ballin* ' *We* *Fight* *Together*

    79. Afi Indra

      I even striiiiim while having online classes :" come on guys striiiim. You can just put your earphone plugged in and leave it

      1. SO DA

        Lol that's me everyday

    80. lee Kiky