NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)



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    Listen to "Walk Em Down":
    TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
    Triller: @NLEChoppa
    A Psycho Films Production
    Director: Christian Sutton
    EP: Sam Canter
    Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
    DP: Dannel Escallon
    PD: Dre Day Designz
    1st AD: Erik Mateo
    Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
    VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
    Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
    Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers

    #WalkEmDown #NLEChoppa #RoddyRicch #WalkEmDownChallenge



      I Need To See The Whole World Vibing To This And Hitting The New Walk Em Down Dance #NLE💔

      1. Chloe Warren


      2. Mackofficialrapper

        Nle Choppa is very consistent I can't wait to meet and work with him when I get big

      3. Clinton Wilson

        Yeah nigga

      4. MegaCatBlocks

        Vibe chedk

      5. Cathal Lacey


    2. Sasha Maxwell

      well i can dance

    3. Sasha Maxwell

      i cant dance

    4. xTACOZx

      Was he talkin bout rolling his ashes or the condom

    5. YB GANG damn


      *This looks like a Beats commercial*

    7. Adrien The homie

      Who’s better Like comment:NLE CHOPPA Reply to comment:Roddy Rich

    8. mistere oso paul

      Anybody else hear the barks in nle part

    9. Rene Kähkönen

      Aint this produced by cash

    10. lizpena1

      This song should be blowing up .

    11. JokerGreen yt

      His jeans need insurance

    12. kidme223 WHY


    13. OV3R DOS3

      Hows my new beat sounding🔥🔥???? Can Yall lemme know 🙌🙌

    14. Znez

      roddy used shadow jutsu

    15. weed bang

      This song is *seriously* and *dangerously* addictive 🔥

    16. HeyD2plaY

      why does this music video give off hella travs vibes

    17. Gerard Minnix

      I will hit that walk him down dace🚶🚶🚶

    18. Ethan's wwe channel!!!!

      If nle Choppa have 1,000 and Roddy ricch have 1,000 so if you guys shared both of you will have 2,000. Comment on my comment if you agree

    19. Mitta Vids

      Still fire

    20. Narendra Sharma

      Shits fire

    21. Fuyu Girl

      I love choppa songs

    22. Gd Curlyheadmkj

      im a type beat rapper

    23. Yirno Bastien

      Duro nle choppa

    24. Ayo Soldier

      this sound is crazy...sounds nothing like mine but its dopeee!!! (hope mine sounds as dope even if its a lil different lol)


      Roddy rich ruined it.

    26. CrazyKillingAvenger z


    27. caiden bady

      NLE choppa good

    28. Russ Jackson

      First music vid not produced by Cole Bennett since 1992

    29. Amber Hanks

      If this comment gets 15 thousand likes, I will give the 15,000 person to like it, 1,000 dollars Oh and also tell me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU like it so nobody else can get the money

    30. Michael Janko


    31. bucci butch


    32. Becca Fisher

      Ok nle

    33. Brenda Tripp

      Go now choppa fav rapper

    34. Shania Frederick

      Omgggg nle cute

    35. Mukesh Kumar

      Guyz go watch out this new breakup video it's really hurt​

    36. Tyler Elliott


    37. SwiftyRay


    38. Chani'a Smith

      Idk for sum reason this remind me of nba Youngboy 😭 i just can’t put my foot on it what it is 🤔

    39. Beibs Mafia

      Good job nle.choppa

    40. Joe B Son OSRS

      This a dope ass visual

    41. Logan Clemens

      No chill

    42. Melanie Cabia

      NLE CHOPPA is fire

    43. Dreamz Band

      Go check out our music

    44. Bh Rixxle

      Who else sees this after every story on snap

    45. Davinci Selkridge


    46. Master DL

      Everyone talking about Nle choppa :me what about roddy rich he did good to

    47. aj Washington

      Nle can you sign me and my friends

    48. Snow

      Walk em down🚶‍♂️

    49. Charliekoszut 99

      NLE Choppa, you the best I am your biggest fan and I have been to one of your concerts and your chains and channel is awesome and pls respond to this. Love you man. You the best.

    50. Jesse H

      Anyone else broke that replay button tho

    51. Turtle Mlg

      The 10k dislikes are people in wheelchairs

      1. TheLucasShow

        I disliked and I'm not in a wheelchair I'm normal I just didn't like the song that's just my opinion

    52. wwe boi

      Your song would probably be better without Roddy ricch

      1. SteezyBoyAllDay

        Nah, Roddy Richh goes

    53. Adrian Nande

      Like if nle choppa the best rapper

    54. Igor Lelis

      Another song that tempts violence between the black race. All they do is stunt on each other rather than help one another...

    55. casey schafer

      15 millionth view

    56. Michael Downes

      If comethazine and x had a baby brother

    57. Slowed Tracks

      i need this 808

    58. Jamie Rogers

      NLE CHOPPA is goofy

    59. Swanza Ellis

      When he says Walk em Down it is so smooth and catchy

    60. anya got swag Whigham

      Bruh you with young boy ex now you got Herpes 🤔👎🏽

    61. Evan Walker

      love this song bro im 6 yrs old and nle choppa is my fave rapper yey

    62. BinZc

      How tf does he have that many tatoos at 17

    63. Nicholas Anderson

      i love nle choppa songs

    64. Cool Kids

      Walk me dooowwwwwnnn😩💕🤟🏾

    65. jay nahui

      Nobody: Me at 3am: HOSTED

    66. Daytawn Godbold

      Tik Tok gon try to steal it then everyone make they own dance that not correct.

    67. Pasta Sucks at fortnite

      Is it me or I’m getting Travis Scott and xxxtentacion vibes

    68. João Marcelo Petini

      BRASIL ?

    69. Grant Wilson


    70. best dgrease

      I was flexin with a water gun to this😂😂😂

    71. YELLI Rosales

      This shit go so hard fr😳

    72. James Skafidas

      Let’s be real nle chopa used Roddie Ricch for more views

    73. Ibrahim Yusuf

      Whoever didn’t like this couldn’t walk em down

    74. Tai Buster

      this song go hard PERIOD

    75. J N

      Who shot the video let my nigga yb shoot a video like this ? It’s gone be ova wit

    76. Playboy bb

      This fire

    77. Phyco The god

      Love yo song

    78. Phyco The god

      Red if you feel saucy green if you feel gangster blue if you feel chil you know what I mean

    79. Savage1 -_-

      Hard music bro I’m from the uk but ur music hard

    80. Phyco The god

      Choppa you should have gotten blue,red, or green dimonds instead of the ones you got in yo mouth depending on yo gang color