Peaceful Music, Relaxing Music, Instrumental Music, "Heaven's Light" by Tim Janis

Tim Janis

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    Peaceful Music, Relaxing Music, Instrumental Music, "Heaven's Light" by Tim Janis. My instrumental music can help you find deep relaxation, relieve anxiety, and find peace. My music incorporates relaxing sounds of nature and features flute music, piano music, harp music, & violin music.
    I am a composer from Maine and created my channel as a place to visit, relax and find peace. My music is often used for prayer and meditation and can be described as sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, spa music, beautiful music and relaxing music.
    I read all of my comments and love hearing from you. If you enjoy my music, please subscribe to my channel and join the community.
    The light that pours down from the heavens and floods the earth has a profound effect on us. Cheering the heart with a golden afternoon or a sunny day by the seashore. I hope you enjoy this video and thank you for joining me. : )
    Come see me perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC on December 1st, 2017. :) There will be a special meet and greet backstage for all those that watch my GRsel videos. Please just send us a note in the comments and we will get back to you.
    Blessings & peace,
    Tim Janis

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    1. Chief Adfp

      i have an bullhorn speaker outside, play your music got lot of birds showing up in my front yard! nj

    2. Princess Arnasan

      So relaxing and peaceful, it reminds me of love 😇😌

      1. Tim Janis

        Thank you ;) I am so happy you are here ;) may angels of peace and hope be with you each moment ;) happy day to everyone :) I leave for New York in Tuesday for our Carnegie Hall show ;) I will post photos for you all to see ;) Yippee :) Please write a nice comment for my film Buttons a Christmas Tale on Amazon and IMBD, I would just Love Love love Thank you Thank you :) Also please go to our community page to see new photos ;) Thank you May God bless you, Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno

    3. Lynn Boyle

      Aww i love this music nice and soothing calms me down it's so beautiful it makes me think of my first home the home where I was created by my heavenly father and my saviour Jesus Christ it's all about Love x

      1. Tim Janis

        May God bless you Lynn :) I am so happy you are here ;) may angels of peace and hope be with you each moment ;) I will be back in just a few hours at 10pm MST with my new video, Reno and I will both be here, please come say hello to us. Tonight is a special video to celebrate the release of my new movie Buttons ;) Also please go to our community page to see new photos ;) Thank you May God bless you, Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno

    4. Saul Martinez


    5. Maria E. Antonsen

      Greetings! Namaste. Thanks for this beautiful and Uplifting heavens light-video. With Peaceful hugs from Maria E. norway oct 19. Cherry 0n*.

    6. Find jesus&be saved

      find Jesus

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi, May God bless you ;) I pray angels are all around you bringing you comfort and peace. :) :) My next video will be here in just a few minutes with some very special guest :) tonight at 10pm MST I will be here to say hello, so come an write a message :) Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno & Bella

    7. Ingrid Akkermans

      Betifol vidio tim reno bella bravo every day thanks jou ingrid akkermans

    8. Ingrid Akkermans

      Dear tim reno bella wonderfol vidio muzika love it very good every day bravo thanks jou ingrid akkermans

      1. Tim Janis

        Thank you Ingrid, Yippeee ;) I pray Angels will be with your with you through the weekend :) I am back in the Mountains now :) , very excited ;) My next video will be out this coming Sunday night, I will be here at 10pm MST to say hello :) Praying for you, May God bless you Blessings and peace Tim & Reno

    9. Francis Glasco

      "I sometimes wonder how it will feel/look to live in a world without death, worry, and sadness.

    10. Emma Killingbeck

      My gosh these things screw up a lot when you talk into them I meant Heaven's light I don't know why it said and. But Ken your music is absolutely beautiful whatever you write or whatever you put together and the pictures are just awe-inspiring so thank you very very much for what you do you bring us peace you let us see the love of God

      1. Emma Killingbeck

        @Tim Janis wow Tim I have been really tied up with things had a few health problems too but constantly every day I listen to one of the other of your recordings while I'm saying my prayers I play it softly in the background or just to have my earphones in and be able to relax a little bit and shut out the other noise I do it every day so I'm connected with you everyday and I think that's great consider you a friend we have such a connection in music and I think with God also. So, God bless you and hope to talk with you again soon. K y s o t i, which me being a hockey fan means keep your stick on the ice!

      2. Tim Janis

        Hi Emma, Yes ;) Tim ;) Yippee, Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno

      3. Tim Janis

        Hi Emma, oh I am so happy you like the videos ;) Yipppee, May God bless you ;) I am so happy you are here ;) Thank you :) I am back in the Mountains now with Reno and Bella Yippee :)get ready, I will be in just a few hours with my new video at 10pm MST :) please come say hello :) Also, if you have a favorite PBS station, please call them and ask them to air our Celtic Heart show on their channel, Celtic Heart is now playing in Australa , New Orleans, Maine, Evansville IN. Southern Organ, Rhode Island and San Diego. I hope your station will be next ;) See you Sunday night, Reno and I are waving to you :) Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno & Bella P.S. my new CD Celtic Heart is available now world-wite. The physical CD will be out next week.

      4. Emma Killingbeck

        Last one again I said Tim and it printed Ken we all know it's Tim okay anyway I laugh out loud for that one

    11. Emma Killingbeck

      And Heaven's light I would like to know what the piece is that is 19 minutes and 23 seconds into the disc far you know if recording whichever it's beautiful absolutely beautiful and sounds Celtic and I wish I knew the name of it if someone can tell me that would be great thanks

      1. Emma Killingbeck

        Oh Tim! Thank you so much for answering me that is really really kind of you I have been a musician all my life and I'm 78 now and I was also a soloist and I've sung with a couple of well known people before when they came to our little town to sing in our pro-cathedral here. They still use me quite a lot. I'm thankful that I've still got a half way decent voice and I can play well play the organ piano violin. But music other than my family, has been about the most important thing in my life and to see what you've done with your talent is really satisfying to me I guess I'll have to say. God gave you a talent and you are using it in the best of all possible ways and I thank you again for that and I thank you also once more for answering me. usually I don't expect that because I don't get anything back from people who are well-known but you sir are a gentleman all the best to you and hopefully we can speak again soon I will see if that song is where you said it was and I will have to learn and play it and if it has any words sing it I'm scots-irish so I absolutely loved it God bless

      2. Tim Janis

        Hi Emma, thank you, I think that song is off my CD "Celtic Heart " Please let me know, Thank you Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno

    12. Master of all

      Jesus is lord. This looks like the new earth

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi, That is true, may God bless you ;) Praying angels are all around you :) My new CD Celtic Heart is ready, Coming out on June 6th World wide :) .I will be posting a new video tomorrow night at 10pm MST please come say hello to me then at 10pm MST Reno and I pray that angels will watch over you each moment ;) Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno

    13. daniel hector de sa


      1. Tim Janis

        Hi Daniel, Thank you :) I am posting a special video tonight ;) Happy Easter :) May Angels of peace and light be all around you :) I will be back tonight at 10pm MST I hope you will come by and say hello to Reno and I :) Blessings and peace Tim & Reno P.S. my new CD “Celtic Heart” will be out on June 6th 2019 P.S. I posted a photo from my concert on our community page ;) Yippee

    14. Jishinyuki ArashiAki

      Super nice.

    15. Austin Fry

      I wish I was a tree

      1. Tim Janis

        HI Austin, me too :) or maybe a whale, I would like to be really big ;) Or a red wood :) I pray angels of peace and light are with you in the new week ahead :) I will be back in just a few moments with my new video :) so please drop by to celebrate with me my first new video of the week. I will be right here to say hello to you during the first 10 minutes my video goes live :) it is so much fun :) I pray your weekend is full of angels and peace, Reno says hello too ;) Thank you Blessings and peace Tim & Reno My new CD is coming out in June, I am thinking of names it “The Celtic Heart” what do you think? what are you ideas?

    16. Lynn Dialessi

      Heaven's Light is just what I needed today !! Thank you again brighten my day...and fill my heart with gladness. May God bless you always and in all ways...Lynn

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi Lynn, Thank you ;) May God bless you too :) :) I am so happy you are here on my channel. Have a great evening ;) May Angels watch over you ;) Blessings and peace, Tim & Reno P.S. Reno and I are getting ready for my big concert in Maine on April 13th, I hope you can make it :)

    17. ZizYoubizHERE

      the visuals just inspired me to want to do everything i can to get to heaven lol

    18. E K

      I sse in these images the miracle of life. Ty

      1. Tim Janis

        HI EK, how wonderful ;) Have a great weekend, I will miss you but see you next Sunday night 10pm MST when I have my next video and I am standing by to say hello during the first 10 minutes :) Please keep sharing my movie trailer ;) We want to world to see it ;) I am so grateful for any help :) So wonderful to have you here :) thank you , Reno is happy too ;) Blessings and peace, Tim

    19. Elke Vormfenne

      W O N D E R F U L 🔱 M U S I C W O N D E R F U L 🔱 V I D E O . ♰ 💛 ⚓ ☮🍀 Thank you, Tim ⛅

    20. Bri Bananas

      Oh my God I was crying this is so beautiful

      1. Tim Janis


      2. Bri Bananas

        Thank you Tim Janis, blessings to you too 😇

      3. Tim Janis

        Dear Bri, so nice to her from you, I always thank God for the gift of my music and pray it will bring peace to people's heart ;) I am working on my new CD now, I hope you all all enjoy it. I will have a release date soon ;) Have a wonderful weekend. I will be back this coming Sunday night with a new video. I hope you can join me then. :) May angels of peace and hope be with you each moment ;) Blessings and peace Tim

    21. Natalia Rojas

      Sube una nueba cancion

    22. Temestics GYM

      Whats the name of the Music at 11:50, then this music is so awesome and great. Very Very Good music

    23. Jan Hadraba

      Až to jednou přijde tak na křídlech proletím se . Vás ztracené naleznu zase . 🌟✨👪✨🌟

    24. Ruth Barron

      Last, but not least... A RAINBOW !! Thank You SO MUCH, Tim :D

    25. Ruth Barron

      and.... Monarch BUTTERFLIES..!!

    26. Ruth Barron

      LOVELY Sparkling Ocean Waves and "Fairy Dust" :D

    27. Ruth Barron


    28. Saul Martinez


      1. Tim Janis

        Hi ;) Get ready for my weekend Live Chat :) Say Hello to Meiko our Host ;) I am driving to LA through the desrt ;) I will say hello to, May God bless you :) Tim

    29. Zacharia John

      GOD'S own 🌞👍😆

    30. reubenitesisinthetruth

      Esau: very relaxing music.

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi, I am happy you have peace ;) Have a wonderful rest of your week, I will be uploading my next video in just a few moments, I have been working on my movie Buttons and my New CD, so much to share with you soon. I so enjoy having you hear on my channel. Blessing and peace, Tim & Reno

    31. Melissa Zwieg

      🌅 watching this beautiful video makes my mind melt into PEACE🕊:) thank you:)🦋

      1. Tim Janis

        Dear Melissa, so happy you are relaxing :) I will be back in just a few moment with my last video for the week “Floating in the clouds” This will be my last video this week, but I will upload my next video on Sunday March 4th at 10pm MST, please try to send a comment to me then, I will get right back to each comment for about the first hour when my video goes live. I will also be here tonight at 10pm MST Here is a nice quote for you :) "I am in love with everything that nourishes hearts with the presence of God and Nature.” How true ;) Blessings and peace. Tim Tim's News Have you seen my new GRsel "Buttons" channel? you get see it by going to "related channels" on my homepage here :) Let me know what you think :) Buttons will be in Theaters nation-wide this November ;)

    32. Vitus Kutka


      1. Tim Janis

        Hi Vitus, Thank you ;) I thank God for the gift of my music and pray it will bring peace to people's heart ;) Thank you ;) I want to wish you a wonderful weekend. I was ask by one of our friends here in the community to do a video on Canary's. So my video coming out this Sunday night at 10pm MST (Monday morning for some) will be a especially for her. If you have a request for a special video please let me know. I will try to make it. Also, say hello to me and Reno at 10pm MST this Sunday night right after my video comes out and I will respond right back to you during the first 30 minutes. I thought that might be fun :) Thank you for listening :) Blessings and peace

    33. Spider Flash

      Ésto es impresionante Espero que Tim pueda leer mi comentario Me ha hecho sentir tan libre, que todo es posible, como si estuviera en un lugar tan pacífico, particípe de una gran historia, parte de algo tan hermoso. Muchas gracias, Tim, por el bonito sentimiento. La música que aquí he escuchado me hace sentir viva.

    34. el santy

      Existe un antiguo dicho que dice: "Quien planta tamarindos no cosecha tamarindos", esto es porque éste árbol demanda de 80 a 90 años para dar frutos por primera vez. Una vez, un joven encontró a un anciano plantando tamarindos y le preguntó: disculpe buen hombre, para qué planta tamarindos si Ud. nunca los va a cosechar? Sabiamente el anciano miro los ojos le respondió: Porqué no te vas a chingar de tu madre?? La quinta es mía y planto lo que se me venga en ganas 🌱 Que hermosa reflexión

    35. Nbel Yusf


      1. Tim Janis


    36. Bipul Mondal

      Fabulous peaceful music . I like it . Thanks for uploader........????

    37. Angela Boone

      I'm 13 and sometimes I feel like I'm ready to go to heaven

      1. Angela Boone


      2. Tim Janis

        Hi ;) I am happy you enjoyed my video ;) I think you will like my next video as well. I wish you a wonderful week :) I will be back tomorrow with a brand new video entitled “Sky River” Then on Wednesday morning with a video entitled “Oceans of the World” I am traveling to San Diego this week for a performance with “The Way of the Rain” I am very excited. Then I have my Carnegie Hall show on December 1st. Have a great day, Blessings and peace, Tim Tim’s News Starting December 1st I will be doing a Christmas Video advent calendar. New Christmas videos each day to Celebrate Advent. I will also be uploading my nature videos too. It will be lots of fun, I hope you can join me ;)

    38. Marianne Gordon


      1. Tim Janis

        Dear Marianne, THank you for you nice message :) Have a wonderful evening full of peace and rest ;) I am so excited to let you know I will be back in just a few moments with a new video entitled “Mountain peace” than on Tuesday morning with a new very peaceful video entitled "Sky River" Thank you, Blessings peace, Tim :)

    39. jessie bourque

      Lovely, Tim. Was feeling low last night and this was just what I needed....brain massage. Sending good energy for your day.

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi Jessie, THank you ;) That is a good way to put it ;) I am glad you found peace in the music and video :) Thank you for listening to my music, I wish you a wonderful weekend :) I will be back next Monday Morning with a brand new video entitled “Mountain Peace” Have a great day, Blessings and peace, Tim

    40. Bruce W

      Congratulations, very beautiful work

    41. Rosa maria González Álvarez

      quizás me ha tocado mucho más el fondo del alma, por que ha sido un día muy difícil, y siendo poeta y escritora, podemos ver, sentir y encontrar un doble sentido, visión y pensamiento de todo lo exterior e interior de cada cosa bella, y no de las tan bellas. pero son las personas con sensibilidad, creatividad y que disfrutan grandiosamente del placer de crear con amor, el mismo amor, plasmado en música e imágenes hermosas.

      1. Tim Janis

        Querida Rosa, es cierto, hay personas con más sensibilidad, creatividad que necesitan belleza y paz para ayudarlos a mantener el equilibrio, yo diría que así soy;) Intento mantenerme enfocado en la naturaleza, Dios y todo lo que pueda inspirar: ) Es bueno saber de ti. Que tengan un día maravilloso, mañana tendré mi último video de la semana, un viaje musical a Sudáfrica :) Estoy muy feliz de tener noticias suyas, gracias por visitar mi canal, Bendiciones y paz, Tim Time News Cuando le escribo un mensaje, a veces, cuando desea responder, lo mejor es hacerlo escribiendo un mensaje NUEVO, de esa manera me aseguraré de verlo Gracias :)

    42. Rosa maria González Álvarez

      bello,muy bello tanto la música como los paisajes, esa magia que transmite en todo el conjunto de la obra. Magistral, me ha encantado. gracias por compartir y crear cosas tan bellas, donde la vida de hoy en día solo muestra discordia, desastre y desequilibrio.

      1. Tim Janis


      2. Rosa maria González Álvarez

        muchas gracias a usted, por contestarme y hacer cosas que reflejen la existencia de amor incondicional del universo. muy feliz semana.

      3. Tim Janis

        Querida Rosa: Sí, creo que es tan importante enfocarte en la paz :) y la belleza :) Que bueno saber de ti. Que tengan un día maravilloso, mañana tendré mi último video de la semana, un viaje musical a Sudáfrica :) Estoy muy feliz de tener noticias suyas, gracias por visitar mi canal, Bendiciones y paz, Tim Time News Cuando te suscribas, recuerda presionar la pequeña campana :)

    43. Catherine BEDUER

      Très belle promenade en musique, en pleine nature et avec les montgolfières, magnifiques décors, un rêve magique !!! Merci Tim. Belle journée à vous et votre Equipe. Bénédictions et Paix. Catherine ♥♥♥

      1. Tim Janis

        Salut Catherine, je suis tellement contente que tu aies apprécié, les ballons sont ma préférée;) passe un merveilleux weekend, :) Je reviendrai avec une nouvelle vidéo lundi intitulée "Campfire Beach" Les beaux sons de l'océan mêlés à un craquant le feu et la musique paisible. Bonne journée et bonne soirée, merci. Bénédictions et paix, Tim & Team Nouvelles de Tim: Je suis tellement excitée de partager avec vous ma nouvelle vidéo que j'ai filmée avec Robert Mirabal, le lauréat d'un Grammy Award, qui a joué sur une nouvelle chanson que j'ai écrite. Nous avons filmé cette vidéo dans le Désert de Haute Montagne, Il sera sorti d'ici mardi prochain. Alors très bientôt, je vais sortir la bande annonce officielle pour promouvoir mon spectacle Carnegie Hall le 1er décembre. J'espère que vous pouvez regarder ces vidéos :)

    44. Trenty Boi


    45. MAty cuk

      buena la primera las otras pura MIERDA

    46. lety Rohu

      es simplemente bella😻

      1. lety Rohu

        Tim Janis hola como estas ,me encantan tus vídeos ,la musica instrumental me hace soñar y me calma como nada ,siempre la escuchó y esta vez me anime a dejar comentarios me ayuda mucho cuando medito gracias por subir maravillas músicas para él alma 😘

      2. Tim Janis

        Hi Am so happy you enjoyed my video :) Have a wonderful week and a peaceful day;), I will be back tomorrow morning with a new Beautiful world video, this time we will take a musical journey to Thailand. Have a beautiful day :) Thank you. Blessings and peace, Tim & Team Tim's update: If you get this message, please send a new comment, I would love to hear you get my message :)

    47. Luciana Costa Fagundes

      Esplêndido , eu viajo nas suas canções Tim, e que belas paisagens... que paz que traz dentro em mim!!

      1. Tim Janis

        Querida Luciana, estou tão feliz que você tenha gostado do meu vídeo;) Tenha um fim de semana maravilhoso e um dia pacífico, Minhas orações estão com você;), voltarei na próxima manhã de terça-feira com um novo vídeo do mundo bonito, desta vez vamos tomar uma Viagem musical para o México, na quarta-feira de manhã até a Tailândia. Tenha um belo dia lindo :) Obrigado. Bênçãos e paz, Tim e equipe Atualização de Tim: Eu usarei esta seção para atualizações :) Por favor, fique sintonizado :)

    48. Earl John Diñozo

      I'd like the song,instrument used and the Background videos Dear Mr.Tim Janis please do more some heaven musics I've always want to become an Angel soon , but today not now hehe from now on I always listen to your videos and music thank you . -Earl John Diñozo

      1. Earl John Diñozo

        thank you !

      2. Tim Janis

        Hi Earl, So nice to hear from you. I will work on heaven music, I thank God for the gift of my music and pray it will bring peace to poeple's heart ;) Have a wonderful weekend ;) , I will be back next Tuesday morning with a new Beautiful world video, this time we will take a musical journey to Mexico then on Wednesday morning to Thailand . Have a beautiful beautiful day :) Thank you. Blessings and peace, Tim & Team P.S. When you subscribe to my channel, Please press the little Bell icon. I like to copy and post messages here to keep you up to date. :)

    49. Doris Kunze

      wunderschöne Musik und Bilder, Danke.

      1. Tim Janis

        Sehr geehrte Doris, so froh, dass du dieses Video auch genossen hast :) Doris, hab mir einen schönen Frieden gefüllt Tag :) Ich werde am nächsten Dienstagmorgen mit einem neuen "Beautiful World" Video zurückkehren, diesmal nehmen wir eine musikalische Reise in die Ukraine :) Dann am Mittwochmorgen mit einem neuen Video namens "Secret of the Old Wood" ein tolles Video zum Schlafen. Habe einen schönen schönen Tag :) Segen und Frieden, Tim & Team

    50. frans le noble

      wat moeten we daarmee?

    51. IronYT

      1 day And We Dead 23/08/2017 And Go TO Heaven ! :)

    52. Antonia Millán Renquel

      Querido Tin, gracias por llenar nuestros Espiritus con parte del suyo, en la música también hay amor, sentimiento imprescindible para crecer, progresar y elevarnos hasta la perfección. Que Dios le bendiga.

    53. Lorica Lass

      Awesome! So beautiful. My favorite so far of many of these that I have seen.

      1. Tim Janis

        Ho Lorica, Thank you, I like this one a lot too, the light in the darkness video :) there is hope coming in the the light of the dawn ;) I am so happy you enjoyed my video :) I will be back with another video tomorrow entitled "Moonlight" Have a beautiful wonderful day :) Blessings and peace, Tim & Team

    54. Kingkran Kunna

      All the best my dear friend Tim, it is so nice to hear your wonderful music and beautiful nature, from your friend JAMAL kingkran .

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi Jamal, Thank you :) Blessings and peace, Tim

    55. happy smile


    56. young forever

      thrank you for this beatiful music

    57. Nenya 5 Nay Nay

      Awww, luv the enchanting beautiful butterflies & the nature scenes & the flowers. Helps me float bk easily 2 the 880 acre ranch where I can once more experience being a child running n the open meadows with wild flowers & bathing n streams of Heavenly warm sunlight. Thank u 4 this wonderful piece of wrk. Stunning views 2 b sure. It makes me want 2 shed my skin & bcome one of the angels or a free spirit 2 soar n the skies & sail over the beautiful wide open ocean of space time & mind! I don't know how I let this one slip thru. 06-02-17 7:46 p.m. PST Harrisburg, Oregon USA

      1. Tim Janis

        Hi Nenya, thank you for your nice message. It must have been amazing to grow up on a 880 acre ranch, with all the beautiful nature around you. : ) Peace and blessings, Tim

    58. Florence Lucie

      Magical ... Nostalgie

      1. Florence Lucie

        Je serai là !!! Merci encore Tim Vous apportez un moment de paix et de sérénité au cœur par votre musique 💐🌿 Douce nuit à vous ...

      2. Tim Janis

        Hi Florence, thank you so much. : ) I'm so happy you're enjoying this video, thank you! I'll be back tomorrow with a new video called "Pine Covered Path," and then our last video on the weekend "Softly to the Sea." I hope you can watch them. :) Blessings and peace, Tim

    59. Thu Nguyen

      I love this video a lot , thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

      1. Tim Janis

        Thank you : ) I'm so glad you're enjoying it. : ) We will be next Tuesday tomorrow morning with our latest video called “Pine Covered Path” please have a wonderful weekend :) Blessings and peace, Tim

    60. Karma 1887

      i fell aslep for 30 hwers