Rabbids Coding: Programming with Rabbids | Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Ubisoft North America

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    Fix a Rabbid-infested spaceship and learn about programming at the same time!
    Get Rabbids Coding free on Uplay now: ubi.li/z2WvP

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    1. KingDragon2401 YT

      Rayman is forget

    2. Mizuki the Magician Sylveon

      Rayman: I hate that hedge... Rabbit

    3. YourTypicalAtaru

      looks cool but, why is it uplay only?

    4. Seb ans friends CRAZY CHANNEL

      0:02 Me: this looks familiar *Reacts* Me: OH MY GOD IT'S RAVING RABBIDS TRAVEL IN TIME

      1. Trismorazan’s VIDS!

        It’s true

    5. alexander flor

      Ubisoft , please a remasted to Scott Pilgrim vs the world :the game in phisique and digital format in 2020

    6. Daniel Duff

      Ok now I fricken love this, and the fact that they made it free is awesome


      Im starting to wonder who the mascot of ubisoft really is. Rayman used to, the rabbids were introduced in Rayman Raving Rabbids. So aren’t technically all rabbids games rayman games? BUT THEN AGAIN WHOS THE MASCOOOOT

      1. Trio LOL Gamers

        Also remember now abour Brawlhalla. So WHO IS THE F*** MASCOOT!?!?

      2. Username- unknown



        Also rayman 4 smash

    8. Luo Hung Chun

      Can't find it, region lock?

    9. Jango Is Bored

      This is comical. A coding game by a game company with more bugs than Bethesda lol.

    10. Marcio Neves

      Free? Oh!

    11. cynicalobserver

      Yeah this is not coding you would ever do and get paid for

    12. Æsir

      Im on pc and its asking for a activation code? I got passed this by using my phone and going to the store on there

    13. Æsir

      Nicd i actully want to play this

    14. Monki

      Public education system: *heavy breathing*

    15. HC MT

      most anticipated game of the year

    16. Potasium Freak9


    17. DanPH77

      this doesnt do jackshit to teach someone about programming...anyone with a degree in CIS or CS knows this...

      1. DanPH77

        Trio LOL Gamers what they should be teaching is to stop sending jobs to China and outsourcing for present greed of current political leaders.

      2. Trio LOL Gamers

        Well they made it easy but it is the basis to teach someone to enter in the world of Programming for children. So in my opinion it's OK

      3. DanPH77

        @rooney sandy Coding is translating and writing from one language to another whereas Programming is building an executable program that can be used to carry out machine level outputs. I meant exactly what I said...nice try kid.

      4. rooney sandy

        do you mean coding?


      Is it available for ps4?

    19. Tensai Channel

      Great job, but we need more levels :D t u Ubisoft

    20. XYcanerXY

      if its free, make a steam version aswell then

    21. Barry Bleat0matic

      What the Ubisoft dev team consists of

    22. PowerSnack

      Programming for dumbasses

    23. King of Peace

      Bring them back to for honor

    24. Nexo

      This is one of two available Rabbids games on PC. The others being Raving Rabbids 2 and Rabbids Go Home were had very few releases in less than 3 countries. This is a great addition to the microscopic library that us PC users have.

    25. Lord xbox

      Or you can use scratch

      1. nintenplush

        Everyone has preferences

    26. Carlos Baquero Soriano

      Ubisoft + free= error

      1. Trio LOL Gamers

        Well not. Valiant Hearts???? It's Free. 😅

      2. MrBatman

        Anything + free = good

    27. Bryant Mitchell

      For free?!

    28. Ryan Thurston

      Where is my kingdom battle 2