Relaxing Music--Duke Starwalker-In Heaven



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    Artist: Duke Starwalker Title: In Heaven

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    1. TrolandoTV

      This use to be my go to song when i suffered from depression; still love it and still in my playlist.

    2. Haus Of GAGA

      Make me cry...

    3. FizCap

      What’s the name of the song

    4. Gem-marie UK

      I close my eyes & I'm on a different planet. A more beautiful caring place to be.. surrounded by beautiful creatures & stunning surroundings... My place aka my mind

    5. tasneem mohammed

      The most beautiful music In the world

    6. tasneem mohammad

      What's the name of this is place in the veido

    7. tasneem mohammed

      Please what is the name of this is place (in the video)

      1. Top 10


    8. soft uris

      This played while I was at the dentist and it helped me calm down.

    9. Carolien de Vreugd

      Did anyone else read luke skywalker in stead of duke starwalker? :)

    10. Evan T Gustafson

      mysterious noise at: 7:36

    11. Just2Comment

      Is that main part played on a shamisen?

    12. TheUltimate Youth14

      I changed the pitch shift to -1 by accident, but it sounds very beautiful, depressing, relaxing, and etc.

    13. Sarmad Abbas

      Loop ✔

    14. seanlamar29

      reminds me of mass effect

    15. Yolkolai

      Does this song remind anyone of black sands by bonobo, or is it just me?

    16. Anouar Mazhar

      jaimmmmmme ♡♡♡ Mery

    17. ThisisPow

      I think it's more sad..very sad....but beautiful at the same time.

      1. Eric Boom Sega Wakaka

        +ThisisPow It's just a reflection of your inner self, sad and beautiful.

      2. seanlamar29

        i agree

    18. Khalid AlSadhan

      play it at x2 speed sounds even better

      1. Andrew Chiang

        it's like it's all underwater lol

      2. AliveC4t

        +Khalid AlSadhan 1.5 is better. 2x is a bit much

    19. Tayler

      Sounds very much like the soundtrack in Interstellar?

    20. blohdgarm

      It's just such a beautiful song, that I play it for all my friends. Mostly just when I'm wasted though xP

    21. Congwen Ma

      interstellar copied this?

      1. Ivan Branković

        +Congwen Ma inspired from after earth movie

      2. Actual Goblin

        Wait, it did? Was it a trailer? Because I didn't hear anything like this in the movie.

    22. Intention Hackers


    23. DarthSparhawk

      extremely beautiful, but I find it sad. That's not a criticism, but simply an observation. I also admit that I easily get sad from music, even normal trance can have such effect to me.

      1. Unthought Known

        It's not the music, It's us.

      2. ThisisPow

        DarthSparhawk Every 3-4 months I listen to this just to let out emotions and such. Not for relaxation but more of a period to just think beyond.

      3. Dedo

        Yeah, it's how each of an individual interprets music. Me, I find this relaxing with a touch of heavenly

      4. princetonwu

        it does have a tinge of sadness / emotional feel to it. I would not listen to this for relaxation purposes

    24. Dofal

      Moooooost relaxing music

    25. Bianca Beluga


    26. Mike W. and Brad

      A fantastic addition to our Peaceful Channel. Thank you.

    27. Gaming Gameplay

      is that Earth? =P

      1. Symbiotic Spidey

        +Sam Classen Ive been in Heaven my friend...Heaven. I must not go back, I live my own life now. If I was to go back, Jordan could be emotionally destroyed. Let him be, and you shall let me be as well. I wish you and Jordan farewell.

      2. wielder of the Sacred sabre

        +Jerry The Slime where have you been!? We need to get you back to Jordan!

      3. Symbiotic Spidey

        +Jewel Clarin Guilot No its from Jupiter xD

      4. Jewel Clarin Guilot

        no it's from mars lol :)

    28. Elle George

      Wow this really is heavenly

      1. ThisisPow

        Elle George I believe this is more sad then anything tbh...

    29. Linda Garbutt

      Beautiful music and wonderful pictures thankyou