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    We declare this the day FULL OF bloopers. Stranger Things Season 3 bloopers have arrived! (Pssst, this is the line David Harbour was talking about.)
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    1. Jude Firman

      Will: all you guys wanna hang out with stupid girls Noah: must like girls today is a new day a day full of girls

    2. XxNyanLoveHeart DETERMINATIONxX

      "My name's Ketchup!" "And my name is Mustard!" *"Together, we're Ketchup and Mustard!"*

    3. Tomer Winberg

      Fun fact: grandma is a funny word

    4. Marina

      mike: is everything alright? hopper:NO no i don't thinks so mike:🤨 hopper: its your GRANDMA

    5. Adriana Cavalcante

      O mike e meu namorado 👌


      When is season 4 coming out....

    7. Lela 219

      I love how millie jumps und says jesus at 1:25😂

    8. Oliver Hoffman

      im willing to bet if I just say "hopper said its your grandma" I can get 1k likes

    9. Steve Harrington


    10. Franjinha sz

      {00:26} a day full of girls (yeAhHHh) {01:23} no, AHHhhHh {01:51} iTs yO grAnDMa

    11. The second coming Exe.

      Man, I really wanted to see bloopers at Enzo’s omg thAt would’ve been hilarious

    12. M Anahi Quintero R


    13. skye Butterfly

      *iTs YoUr GrAnDmA*

    14. •Lucii Army•

      I can.... *Do it :D*

    15. J. M.

      Caleb McLaughlin would be great for the role of Cochise in a Warriors reboot.....

    16. Bee x

      No one: Hop: ITS UR *GRANDMA*

    17. Jude Firman

      2:17 wtf happened with mollies laugh

    18. Jokerz 79

      By his tone sounds like Grandma is bad mother.

    19. Darrielle Jasma

      I really love Ele!!! A nice girl!

    20. Xxstarberry_ SansxX

      finn: YEAHHHH

    21. Makayla ꎭ

      Billy’s wink 😍

    22. Sirius Black

      I swear if I played hoppers role they probably would have fired me

    23. tHE GiRL WhO wiLl hAUnT YoU

      0:06 and 0:07 the director must have been so mad

    24. Shawna Caroline

      Plot twist: its actually your *grandpa*

    25. mikemandy03

      2:42: I can... dO iT!

    26. Abby Bee

      “I see today is a new day. A day... Full of girls.” -will byers 1980- -Will the Wise 1983(?)

    27. Pawket Production

      The way he was saying it’s your Grandma killed me XD

    28. Apollix NitroZ

      Telephone rings- Me-Who is it? Hopper-it’s Ya grANdMa

    29. swaggy mikaila

      no one: everyone in the comments: no one: hopper: it’s your grandma

    30. ZmTopReasons

      Whats this show about?

    31. GLO-TUBE

      To be fair, "Its your grandma," IS a pretty frickin hilarious line lol.

    32. Alexis Pagan

      No one: Literally no one: Noah: the day full of girls Finn: YEAHHHHHH

    33. SmolPotato - Roblox And Gacha

      00:6 me and my friend XD I’m el and she’s max :]

    34. Alexander h

      Lets face it: Noah Schnapp is a bad actor

    35. VTX Ryan YT

      There’s no Alexei bloopers... *Because he’s perfect.*

    36. dilan flores

      Es una mierda strangers things es mejor ver it capitulo 1 y 2 y el joker

    37. Cengiz Hassan

      Like or hopper dies

    38. Ellie Games

      Nobody: God: Jesus: Hopper: It’s your GRANDMA *dies* Millie and Finn: *dies*

    39. • l ø v x l y •


    40. Valentina Parisi

      Noah: new day full of girls Finn: yeah! . . . David: it's you grandma Finn: yea! Haha ❤️

    41. Karri Blevens

      G R A N D M A 👵 👵 👵

    42. Junkyu Kim

      let me just get this it your grandpa?

    43. Nazareno Santillan


    44. Kaiden 024

      I’m sorry but wills face at 2:40 killed me 🤣

    45. fvuckindrug

      *nobody* David:😛

    46. Vintage Subliminals

      Millie Bobby Brown: **dabbing in the 80s** M: Wait- that's illegal

    47. Dhritiraj Barua

      Those are not dislikes, they're like from the upside down.

    48. Jayde Claire

      *it's your grandma*

    49. Mona Narvaez

      Today is day..... FULL OF GIRLS

    50. Gaby Ortiz

      I like when Millie apologizes to the dummy

    51. Belen Lucero

      Love you eleven and max❤

    52. Marilyn Flitton


    53. Allplayah21

      No one: David: GRANDMA 😂

    54. ssksksksk and I oop

      I don't even watch stranger things but this is hilarious

    55. Mackenzie does Likee Robinson

      I love stranger things my classmate Eliza kept saying "stranger things" right when we get in the class I'm like ok what's with this stranger things crap so I watch it and now I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    56. Danya Barber

      me: I love stranger things

    57. Little Wolf

      GRANDMA 😂

    58. Aspect

      1:51 - 2:28 i watch that everyday😂

    59. Elle Nina Cerrado


    60. Dawn Bray

      Will:what's wrong? David:iTs yOuR gRaNdMa Everyone: *dies*