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    Play the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta from September 26-29 and explore a massive open world in 4-player co-op or drop into tactical PVP combat. Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches October 4.

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost® Recon Breakpoint is a military shooter set in a diverse, hostile, and mysterious open world that you can play entirely solo or in four-player co-op. Injured, without support, and hunted down by ex-Ghosts, you must fight to survive while lost in Auroa. Choose the right alliances and decide how to take down your toughest enemy.


    Explore Auroa, home of the Silicon Valley giant Skell Technology, both on- and off-road, in the air, on land, and at sea. Immerse yourself in a mysterious place where the most architecturally advanced buildings meet the wildest and most untamed nature. From the highest fjords and snowy peaks to the deepest swamps, meet different factions - from Skellers to Homesteaders to Outcasts - that will impact your mission. What happened to Jace Skell? Who is pulling the strings? Find the truth and clear the plot!
    Face your toughest enemies, the Wolves, a lethal ex-US military unit gone rogue, ready to use the most effective killing machines to take you down. The Wolves used to be you. They have the same training and experience as you have. They have seized the archipelago of Auroa, taking control of the most important resources of the island: the drones. And they are led by your ex-brother-in-arms, Colonel Cole D. Walker, so you will have no choice but to confront your former teammate.

    Test your survival skills and adapt to the varied terrains of Auroa. Steep slopes, accumulating injuries, and fatigue are the new challenges for you to tackle. Set up a camp with your teammates, manage your equipment, class, and weapons in your bivouac, and fine-tune your strategies. If you’re wounded in battle, you’ll have to crawl to the safety of cover to heal yourself, or if a teammate goes down, you’ll need to pick them up and carry them to a safe place before treating their injuries. Use new tools, like the mini drone, that will allow you to sync shot several targets, even in solo.

    Create your character and choose among thousands of customization combinations to create your perfect Ghost. Loot materials from the world, craft and upgrade your weapons with multiple attachment possibilities, and customize your gear in order to adapt your Ghost to any situation and to fit your playstyle. Experiment with a brand new class system to give you more chances to defeat your enemies. Do you want to play assault? You can go berserk. Do you want to play sniper? You can get special ammunition that gives you more range and accuracy. You can also play stealthy with the Panther class, and use a smoke bomb to get away from your enemies. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is all about your choice, your way to have fun.
    However you decide to play, in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you will always keep the same character: the same customization, the same skills, and the same weapons. You keep and improve your progression across both our PvE and PvP experiences. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is also a truly social experience. Find your friends in the new Social HUB, play the campaign together, or enter a PvP arena to take on an intense 4v4 match. The adventure does not stop there! The game will be regularly updated and supported years after launch. New story arcs will keep expanding the story, new features will be continuously added, and new classes and gameplay possibilities will available to players, as well as events and a brand-new type of endgame content: Raids.
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Open Beta Features Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. tombstone actual

      I love this game but will we get a walker figure?

    2. Herry Tong

      Typical Ubisoft when they making a successful game the next one will be a lot the same as the previous one just different map, new villain, some new technique but gameplay usually the same Then if the next one is not as successful as the previous one and got some negative critics they will think to make something new and different Well it's not bad you know they listened to the fans wich is good you know some developers don't give a f to us fans

    3. defc28

      Please add offline play and the ability to recruit one time AI partners

    4. Yeana Yeana

      absolutely awful game

    5. Josh

      Shame Ubisoft, you was doing so good until you had to lock more then half the content behind a paywall, release the game unfinished and with bugs that force a game reset, remove actions that was vital in wildlands like working bipods and overall created a system worst then RD2, FO76 and SWBF2. You had to become the greediest of the lot. Unfortunately like I have done with EA this is my last game I buy from you and considering I’ve been playing most of your titles since the early 2000s it’s a shame to see titles I loved and hoped for more to be ruined by the urge of greediness.

    6. AJ!

      The new Punishner game looks sick!

    7. Samuel Kona

      Ghost war be like excuse me what the fack

    8. Trigger

      Getting it tmrw cuz I pre order the gold edition

    9. Hikari 470

      Well We Enjoy Play TC GR Breakpoint Beta But Only Me Have 1 Disappointment - Ubi Add Stamina Bar So We Cant Run Fast Like First Game (TC GR Wildland). Anything Is Good But This Game Still Beta Anyway......¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    10. Jay molina

      Adding that wrist accessories would be dope!!

    11. your local communist

      thank you punisher very cool

    12. kenny8295

      Video game actors are the future of acting careers lol.

    13. StillCold G

      this mf think he slick "hello ghost and xbox fans" 😂

    14. Frank Jackson

      Will we see Civilians driving on the road in the full release game?

    15. cody 101

      So as soon as the 29th hits beta closes or it end at certain time that day plz someone tell me.. and am I the only one who would way rather a splinter cell conviction type game again those interrogations and takedowns were so cool

    16. Kal Tek

      Beta is Boring... give us a 16-24 player PVP or I and many others won't buy this "Add On". We want old school GHOST think GRAW2 FUTURE SOLDIER. What happened to that?!

    17. Cody95XD

      Cyberpunk Peggies??

    18. SaltyDispenser

      I think after we beat Walker we will get his special outfit. As much i would like to join The Wolves, I do not think Ubisoft would let that. Probably a DLC? That is just my prediction

    19. Evan Boyd

      Does progress carry over from the beta to the main game?

    20. Lion SoulZ

      Do we have drone like the first to mark target etc ?

    21. Certified Beauty

      My beta is corrupt tf

    22. Dave Gunner

      Thing is, I was really hoping the beta would be more survival based, like food and water and stuff, because that would be awesome. I’m almost tempted to buy the game just because they even put a more survival based mechanic in it. I want them to take it further

    23. Jm98Navy -

      Thank you for the new game but I think it has lost it feel from being different. Why make the game set up like the division. Why not keep the feel of Ghost Recon. From the camp to picking skills weapons etc...feels like a big copy. I think that’s what set Ghost Recon aside from the others! I just feel it’s a little confusing! Setting up skills weapons etc...

    24. nathansoul

      Will our progress from the beta transfer onto the actual game?

    25. Tech Guy

      How do I download the beta!?!?

    26. shino yi

      hell yeah

    27. Nicholas Brooker

      five. five story missions.... wowwwwwww... yea no thanks. i was excited, but that killed it.

    28. Max

      Nice! Can't wait to play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint on my Powerhouse Xbox One X! 💪💪❤👍

    29. Media Brands

      Well that's just dumb. They knew got damn well after all the ghost recon they made they have to go open-world Splinter Cell long wolf when Ghost Recon was always a small group of elites putting in work. They should of had that ready. I thought it was going to be ready doing the released now I'm not buying it until its fix. Ubisoft needs a spanking for this bs.

    30. Sam Pickz

      why cant i switch out of Over the Shoulder view.... no commands ??

    31. Dusty 13B

      Loving this one so much more than wildlands. Always great to see devs improve on their games from the last iteration.

    32. Shredder Orokusaki

      ΜΑΧ SETTINGS 1440P 30+ PS ON MY MONSTER PC RYZEN 7 1700 GTX 970 G1 GAMING 16 GB DDR4 3200MHZCL15 DELLP2416D 24'' 2560X1440 60 HZ IPS! I WILL KILL THEM ALL!

    33. Camo .___.

      Hey Jon can I be a wolf as a dlc.

    34. thebesttheworst

      Help guys ... Can anyone tell me is it normal for the Open beta to make me play all the opening again and go investigate the 3 crashed choppers etc ? I had got well beyond this stage in the closed Beta and was not keen to play it all again when I fired up the open beta last night ? I just want to free roam and experiment as play time is limited this weekend ... Is this possible or do I need to do the whole intro again and go upto the cave etc ? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😩

    35. Paul Brown

      Don't know about anyone else.. but I hate the user interface in the menus ... Having to move the site around feels like something from the 1990s.. hate that!

    36. Алексей Кокорин

      Track name please

      1. Tabz2Loose

        Алексей Кокорин I really wanna know too

    37. Timefall l

      Can you not unlock vasily yet? I look that guys outfit

    38. Raven One

      Wildlands forever baby!!!

    39. CityOfAngels7x

      Spent the entire first day playing the beta, and i’ve really enjoyed it so far. The only negative(in my opinion) is the lack of AI teammates. I always play solo, so i would really appreciate having them with me, so I don’t die everytime I fail to go stealth lmao.

    40. Jeremy Bennett


    41. Billy Blanco

      I'm really enjoying the beta.

    42. steve 075

      Will this game be available on pc and can it run on a surface laptop 2 i7 core

    43. thebadchannel 17

      The game is based off the cost of new Zealand just realised when i was in the map

    44. Alpha Bronco Two Zero

      i wanted to shoot arabs with jon bernthal not my own fucking blood on some made up fantasy island to compensate for the studio's lack of creativity!!!!!!!!

    45. Max Resistance

      Beta deleted. Sigh...... Looking forward to wildlands 2. Mess that up and i am done with the Ghost Recon franchise.

    46. Shawn Fowler

      If you play your cards right you actually get the game 9 days early since if you get The deluxe or ultimate you get it on the 30th of September

    47. Alan Brattland

      This game beta is a blast so far. Just started playing today. I like the weapon manipulation physics and movement. It makes for great immersion. Only con I find is I can’t take the that ball cap off. I mean not even a con. Maybe someone instruct me how would be great. Big fan of ghost recon since the beginning. Keep up Ubisoft 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻awesome game series. FYI using mud for cover/camo is so fucking rad.

    48. f0x

      Why does John have to be so hot? I don't want to fight him D:

    49. Klorg Lork

      What a terrible beta. So many bugs and it does not feel at all like ghost recon anymore. Knew I should have been worried after that cringey Lil Wayne commercial

      1. Blahsheep

        But Wildlands didn't feel like a Ghost Recon either. Rainbow Six Siege isn't like Rainbow Six either. Nothing that ubisoft puts out now holds the Tom Clancy feeling. Just slapping the name on anything to sell a few extra copies.

      2. Klorg Lork

        @Hurricane Gaming Exatcly

      3. Hurricane Gaming

        It doesn't feel like Ghost Recon at all. Feels more like some farfetched movie. It's too over the top. All those drones...

    50. Anirban sanfui

      it's a looter shooter disguised as ghost recon....ubisoft is going RPG since the Ac thing you know they r making a splinter cell game with RPG mechanics

    51. Red YSD

      1 month later 50% sale lol I can imagine

    52. michael Dao


    53. Anirban sanfui

      Horrible! horrible!!Thank God I played the beta....I was going to buy it...

    54. u suck

      I cant play the beta?

    55. The DoomSlayer

      I can not wait to go up against the punisher.

    56. Solo Ice

      Fix the camera view on pvp ... hard to see people and turn at the same time

    57. Patrik

      1:11 Nice mask

    58. EddieSpaghetti v

      Please just give us offline play.

    59. JewBearBagel

      Why did you guys think that we wanted you to turn this into Destiny?

    60. Geno Atkins

      Will breakpoint have split screen play with u and ur friend on the same console